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Candelilla, Costa Rica

Candelilla, Costa Rica

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Rock Melon, Caramel, Rose


Location: Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Varieties: Typica

Processing: Honey

We are over the moon to present LA CANDELILLA

The idea to open a mircomill came to the growers of Tarrazú in 1997.  Three years later the dream was realised.  Collaboratively owned La Candelilla,  established by 7 smallholder producers was one of the first micromills in Tarrazú.  

This lot is from one of the founders of the mill, Ricardo Hernandez Naranjo, who was one of the first to suggest to his farmer friends that they should start the "mini beneficio."

Don Ricardo has been growing coffee for 32 years and is dedicated to the process, as are many of the producers who utilise La Candelilla. Don Ricardo also worked for 10 years as a consultant at beneficios in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, and even Tanzania, helping mills improve their processing and learning more about coffee quality.

This 100% honey processed Typica lot tastes of Rock Melon, Caramel and Rose. It will set your taste buds on fire and make delicious filter, not to be missed. Mucho Gracias Ricardo!