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Eshetu, Ethiopia

Eshetu, Ethiopia

wood and co coffee
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Pineapple, Dark Choc, Mango

Location: Boji, Ethiopia

Varieties: Karume & 74112

Processing: Natural

Born and raised in a coffee farming family in the middle of Kochere Woreda, Boji Kebele, Eshetu Ibido has long and strong connection with coffee. Since an early age he has participated in all coffee producing activities. From tree management to processing and also variety selection. In 1993 he inherited 4 hectares of the family coffee farm. Since then he has honed his skills and began working with exporters who can assist in selling his coffee direct to roasters who promote and uphold the values of traceability and ongoing relationships. Eshetu grows both Karma and 74112 varietals and processes his coffee using the traditional natural process. This coffee tastes of Pineapple, Dark Choc and Mango, perfect for filter and batch.


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