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Gicherori, Kenya

Gicherori, Kenya

wood and co coffee
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Boysenberry, Cola, Maple

Location: Embu, Kenya

Varieties: Ruiru 11, Batian & SL28

Processing: Washed & Sun Dried

Please welcome Gicherori. From Embu, Kenya this is a super stewed fruit driven coffee that tastes of Boysenberry, Cola and Maple. A perfect all rounder, this is a coffee for everyone, all day long.

This is not your usual Kenyan however. Kenyan coffee is graded not only on quality but also size. E being the biggest and not for export, AA, AB and PB being the size grades we are used to in the specialty world. This is the first time we have selected a C grade lot. It’s small like PB but is a regular bean shape. It’s like the underdog of the Kenyan size grading system, the unsung hero. Packing all the deliciousness of a classic Kenyan but layers of stewed fruit and sticky sweetness. This is a really balanced coffee, with the sweetness and acidity well tuned to the syrupy body.


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