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Lucas Melo, Colombia

Lucas Melo, Colombia

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White Grape, Jaffa, Lime


Location: Nariño, Colombia

Varieties: Caturra & Typica

Processing: Fully Washed & Sun Dried

Back by popular demand, please welcome producer super star LUCAS MELO.  Lucas is a hero of ours from Narino, Colombia. He only uses mulch as fertiliser. Pays pickers double to ensure the best cherries get chosen. What a champ.  We hustled hard to get Lucas's coffee here (it's in pretty high demand). This lot is washed caturra and typica. Lucas's coffee tastes like White Grape, Jaffa and Lime. It's recommended as espresso but is a total all rounder.

This 100% honey processed Typica lot tastes of Rock Melon, Caramel and Rose. It will set your taste buds on fire and make delicious filter, not to be missed. Mucho Gracias Ricardo!