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Merlin, Honduras

Merlin, Honduras

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Mango, Cranberry, Cacao

Location: Los Planes, Honduras

Varieties: Catuai

Processing: Prolonged Fermentation 

Merlin Rosibel Nolasco and his wife Darlin are the owners of Darpamer, in Los Planes of Honduras, just north-east of the border with El Salvador. Merlin was born into coffee - his mother Rosalina Calix is a first generation farmer who instilled the caficultor spirit in her children Merliin, Freddy and Nora. Today the three siblings collaborate on each others' farms, and are all involved in the production of specialty coffee.

Merlin has been working Darpamer for almost 10 years. He grows Catuai and Lempira, along with fruit trees including orange, lime and banana. He has his own wet mill at the farm fed by a natural waterfall.

This lot was processed as a prolonged washed fermentation. Cherries were selectively hand picked and sorted before being pulped, fermented and washed. The coffee was then placed on raised beds inside a solar drier and gently and uniformly dried over 25 days. Merlin's coffee tastes like Mango, Cranberry and Cacao. We're drinking it as Batchie and Espresso, its freaking delicious, fruity and punchy. You should drink some too ;)

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