Nisperales, Guatemala

Nisperales, Guatemala

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Red Apple, Marmalade, Cacao Nib


Location: La Senda, Guatemala

Varieties: Pache

Processing: Hydro Natural

Grown at Finca La Senda, the NISPERALES lot comes from the part of this farm named after a fruit tree that provides shade to the Pache Varietal coffee trees. This coffee was produced in a very weird and wonderful way. The experimental Hydro Natural process was over seen by Maria Eugenia.

First the very ripe Pache cherries are picked, washed with clean water and then allowed to dry like a traditional natural for 4 days. Once the cherries are dried a little, they are then rehydrated with a select yeast strain. The yeast consumes a small amount of sugars allowing the cherries to be dried for a longer than usual time.After 30 days spent on African drying beds, the coffee tastes of Red Apple, Marmalade and Cacao Nib. The long and slow drying allows this natural to remain super clean and free of any funkiness. It's also really complex and will make the most delicious and full bodied filter coffee.