Qirtira Goyo, Ethiopia

Qirtira Goyo, Ethiopia

Espresso & Filter
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Lemonade, Plum, Brown Sugar


Location: Guji, Ethiopia

Varieties: Heirloom

Processing: Fully Washed

From the world famous Guji region comes QIRTIRA GOYO. This tiny region produces coffee of exceptional quality from 100% heirloom varietals. Local producers deliver fresh, ripe and deeply rich red coffee cherry to the Gemede Dekama mill close to the town QIRTIRA GOYO. The mill has an unparalleled quality focus and the lot of coffee we received is no exception. With flavours of Lemonade, Plum and Brown Sugar, we have roasted it to make delicious espresso but it can be used for batch and filter alike. Light your taste buds on fire and enjoy