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Remera, Rwanda

Espresso & Filter
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Boysenberry, Concord grape, Brown Sugar

Location: Nayamagabe, Rwanda

Varieties: Bourbon

Processing: Washed & Sun Dried

We are happy to welcome back REMERA!

This coffee was produced by 50 independent, small holder farmers from the high hills surrounding Remera washing station, in Rwanda’s Southern Province. The farmers are members of the Tuzuramane Farmer’s Group, a small association of producers who deliver coffee to Remera.

Most washing stations in Rwanda receive cherry from hundreds (sometimes thousands) of farmers who own very small plots of land. Separation of such tiny lots is expensive and impractical, so the large majority of coffees are processed as mixed lots from multiple producers. Typically, lots are separated as day lots (ie. cherries that were all picked on the same day) rather than by farm or producer group.

The farmers who make up Tuzuramane come from the nearby village, Rukamiro. Recently they banded together to process and market their coffees separately as a smaller, more selected lot. The group provide each other with invaluable support, by sharing resources and labour during the busy harvest period. They named their association Tuzuramane, which roughly translates to ‘support each other towards self-resilience’.

To distinguish their coffee and ensure it is processed separately, the producers organised to deliver cherry to Remera on certain days of the week. Selling their coffee as a separate lot means Turnzumane benefits directly from any higher prices paid for their coffees, creating an effective incentive for the farmers to work collectively towards achieving the very best quality. We think the results are evident in the complex and clean profile of their coffee!

This lot tastes like Boysenberry, Concord Grape and Brown Sugar. The espresso is tasting super fresh and zingy and the filter is rich and full. Go your own way baby.