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Fernandez, Honduras

Espresso & Filter
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Pawpaw, Dried Apricot, Werthers

Location: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Varieties: Parainema

Processing: Washed

Enter, Finca Fernández!

The farm is named after Cristian's last name, his brothers and father who also have nearby farms. He has been in coffee for 7 years as a specialty coffee grower. From an early age, his father, a second-generation producer, used to take him to the farm and teach him about coffee. Cristian proudly shares, "I have always been his right-hand man along with my brothers."

7 years ago, his father gave Cristian an inheritance, a piece of land that he had not planted yet; that same year Cristian planted a 0.5-hectare lot with bourbon and parainema coffee, and 2 years later started to harvest coffee. In his words, “I come from a family with a coffee tradition. My grandfather worked these lands for the first time and then gave them to my uncles (including my father) who have given them immense value by planting excellent quality coffee farms. One of my uncles won the National Cup of Excellence Competition in 2011, and several of my uncles have earned top ten spots for several years; I am enormously proud to belong to this family of coffee producers”.

Cristian highlights specialty coffees production came to help financially, which has motivated them to continue working and improving. A current challenge for him is the costs of inputs as prices are increasingly higher, making it harder to do all the management of the farm as it should be. For this reason, when the harvest season ends, Cristian works temporarily in a hardware store in the town, which helps him provide for his family and not depend only on coffee.

The Parinema from FERNANDEZ tastes like Pawpaw, Dried Apricot and Werthers, its delicious anyway you brew it and we are so proud to roast this special coffee for you.