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GEISHA - Albeirzon Prada, Colombia

GEISHA - Albeirzon Prada, Colombia

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Bergamot, Black Tea, Mango

Location: Tolima, Colombia

Varieties: Geisha

Processing: Anaerobic Washed


Albeirzon Prada is an experimental process genius. Always seeking to improve quality, Albeirzon has developed a signature Anaerobic Fermentation technique that gives this Geisha its unique flavour profile. 

After fresh coffee cherry is picked at optimal ripeness, it is placed in Grain Pro bags where Anaerobic Fermentation takes place over the next 36 hours. The coffee is then de-pulped before fermenting in Grain Pro bags for a further 36 hours. Finally the coffee is washed in a washing channel but is actually dried with a good percentage of mucilage still left on the bean. 

This is a very unique coffee and a great example of Geisha on offer from Tolima, Colombia. Thank you Albeirzon for this opportunity!

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