Shalon, Brazil

Shalon, Brazil

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Hazelnut, Peach, Jaffa

250 grams

Location: Araponga, Brazil

Varieties: Red Catuai

Processing: Pulp Natural

Recommended for Espresso and Batch Brew

From the jungles of Araponga, Brazil comes SHALON. Valdinei Lelis owns the nearly 9-hectare farm SHALON, where 6 hectares are planted with coffee. Valdinei and his wife, Andreia, are committed to producing specialty coffees. The coffee is harvested selectively and brought for sorting and processing the same day. After depulping, it is dried slowly on patios, rotated about 12 times per day until finished.  This big bodied, vibrant and fruity Red Catuai tastes of Hazelnut, Peach and Jaffa.  Making great espresso, this coffee also lends itself well to batch brew and the sneaky home cuppa.