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TELILA, Ethiopia

TELILA, Ethiopia

wood and co coffee
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Raspberry, Marmalade, Toffee

Location: Jimma, Ethiopia

Varieties: Local Heirloom

Processing: Washed and Sun Dried

We have a delicious washed lot from Agaro, Ethiopia. Growing a mix of local heirloom varieties and also those pioneered by the Jimma Agricultural Research Center, the Agaro region has been transformed in the past few decades by the involvement of Techo Serve, taking the once low grade coffee producing region to its current specialty status. Fresh cherry is delivered by small holder producers from the surrounding area to TELILA washing station.

Telila washing station is run by Mike Mamo, the Ethiopian American chief of Addis Exporter, a dry miller, exporter and service provider. He has worked hard to make a commitment to local producers in the Agaro region and maintain exceptional quality at TELILA.

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