• Mario Hervas, Ecuador
  • Mario Hervas, Ecuador

Mario Hervas, Ecuador

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Peach, Kiwi, Agave Syrup

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Varieties: Typica Mejordado

Processing: Washed

Mario Hervas, a coffee producer with an eye for detail and precision knows how to bring out the best in his plants. His farm is located about four hours outside Quito where he grows mainly Typica Mejordado (a highly prized old world varietal that produces fruity floral flavors). Not only does Mario manage this coffee farm but also has ice cream parlours throughout town!

Mario's Typica Mejordado is a fresh and clean farm-grown coffee with big syrupy sweetness. We find it has notes of Peach, Kiwifruit Agave syrup which makes perfect filter coffee!

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