Roasted in Melbourne.

Grounded in Culture.

Who We Are

Born and brewed in Melbourne's Brunswick, Wood and Co Coffee® has been passionate about connecting loyal customers with premium coffee, sourced from the very best producers across the globe, since 2015.

Craft Quality Coffee, Anywhere Convenient. 

We wake up every day with a clear goal; to provide our customers with the most delicious, highest quality, and best tasting cup of coffee. We strive every day to make our supply chain better and improve the lives of every person that shares a part in the growing, manufacturing, brewing and enjoyment of the coffee we roast. 





Lucas Melo - Lucas is a rockstar, we are still amazed that we are able to get his coffee in Australia. He only uses mulch as fertiliser, pays pickers double to ensure the best cherries get chosen and he produces washed Caturra and Typica that tastes like White Grape, Jaffa and Lime.

Finca La Senda - La Senda are a part of our family. Located on the slopes of the Fuego Volcano in Acatenango, Guatemala, they produce some of the most amazing experimental lots in Guatemala. We have visited and cupped at this farm in Guatemala to select lots and meet with Maria Eugenia Escoba and her husband Arnoldo Pérez Melendez. We have had coffee from La Senda for four years in a row and watched the farm go from strength to strength. They now win many coffee awards and are highly sought after in the specialty world.

Elkin Echevarria - Elkin is what you call an "old mate". We have known Elkin since the start. He is more than a producer, he is a friend. We message him often and have assisted in setting up a new washing station at his farm in 2017. The quality of coffee coming from his farm is truly unreal, he only produces micro lots and is one of Huila's top producers.