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Single Origin Sampler Pack

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Single Origin Sampler Pack

Dive into the diverse world of coffee with our Single Origin Pack, which includes three distinct types of coffee beans, each with its own unique profile. In this package, you'll find three 250g bags of single origin coffee, carefully selected to showcase the rich variety and nuanced flavors from different corners of the globe.

Perfect for coffee enthusiasts eager to explore new tastes or for those just beginning their journey into single origin coffees, this pack offers a delightful exploration of what the world’s best coffee regions have to offer. It's also an excellent gift idea for any coffee lover in your life.

Whether you prefer brewing with an Aeropress, V60, stovetop, or espresso machine, our Single Origin Pack is designed to enhance your brewing experience. Discover the distinct characteristics and delightful complexities of each origin. Enjoy a journey through taste, one cup at a time.